Intro to BW Darkroom Printing

Person using the Beseler 45 MXII enlarger in the black and white darkroom


Learn how to make timeless traditional silver gelatin prints in this beginner one-on one darkroom course. Get the most out of your negatives by getting hands on under the safelight and discover the magic of watching an image appear seemingly out of nowhere onto your paper. This course will cover basics of darkroom safety and etiquette, printmaking methods, creative tools like dodging and burning, and much more. Understanding of the darkroom can give you greater control over the medium and open up all sorts of new possibilities for black and white prints. By the end of the class, you will have your own contact sheet and final print to take home with you. 

What we will cover

  • Darkroom safety and etiquette
  • Making a contact sheet 
  • Choosing the best negative to make a print
  • The chemical stages of print processing
  • Enlarger basics
  • Printing and evaluating test strips
  • Using darkroom materials
  • A few advanced methods such as dodging and burning, spotting, etc. 
  • Washing and drying of prints for archival stability


  • Black and white negatives
  • Blotter book to take wet prints home (optional)

Instructor: Jake Batchelder

Length: 2.5 Hours

Cost: $140 (Combo Option: Take this course with Intro to BW Darkroom Printing and save 10%)

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