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Full Circle Gallery is a dedicated exhibition space for photographers and artists exploring and utilizing photographic techniques, principles, media, or ideas.

Established in 2012 and located within the production studios of Full Circle Fine Art (est. 1987), near Station North in Baltimore, Maryland, the gallery fosters creative careers while working closely with collectors and institutions to cultivate a sustainable art market. Through representation of contemporary artists, as well as sponsored talks and cultural events, the gallery and studio work to build a stronger photographic community in the region with its curatorial and professional directions.

Our Current Show

Ice Fishers

Aleksey Kondratyev

September 11th - October 30th, 2021

Ice Fishers

Full Circle Photography Gallery presents Ice Fishers, a solo exhibition by Aleksey Kondratyev, whose photographs offer an otherworldly and contemplative depiction of fishermen on the frozen Ishim River in Kazakhstan and the effects of rapid capitalization of a post-Soviet urban world. 

Captured between 2016 and 2018, the collection of work features broad spans of icy gray and white landscapes and obscured anonymous figures huddled inside salvaged pieces of plastic.The Ishim River in north-central Kazakhstan is the second-coldest populated region in the world.These fishermen brave temperatures that often reach below -40 degrees Fahrenheit. Downriver from these desolate fishing-holes. the river flows through the country’s capital, Astana, a high-rise, futuristic city that was built virtually from scratch in the 1990s after gaining independence from the Soviet Union. Astana was built during an awkward transition to a modern and centralized power system that coincided with the exploitation of Kazakhstan’s oil reserves. The capital was intended as an emblem of post-Soviet modernity and a hallmark of the country’s entrance into the global economy.  

Kondratyev, however, bears witness to the stark contrast between the economic rise of the capital and the people overshadowed and abandoned behind by these booms. The materials used by the fishermen are patched together from discarded packaging or rice bags found outside markets selling Western, Chinese, and Russian goods. The improvised bags act as inadvertent sculptures set against a field of ice and snow as these fisherman hold steadfast to traditional practices. This act of dexterous ingenuity shown by the fishermen in the creation of these protective enclosures illustrates a remaking and adaptation of the material flow of a newly industrialized society.


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